Ursulla is an art nude & artists model. I met her a while ago and we ran a little project through her pregnancy. Interesting and very different for me, and a beautiful woman.
2021-08-01 -
2021-08-01 - "Multi Blue"
I shot these so long ago the bump is probably at secondary school! It was a project with Ursulla from way before this site was thought of. I published some sets…
2015-01-29 -
2015-01-29 - "8 Months Pregnant"
This is the final shoot with Ursulla. Now she is, as they say, almost ready to pop. Nit my fetish at all, but god she looks feminine :)
2014-12-18 -
2014-12-18 - "6 Months Pregnant"
This is the second shoot I did with Ursulla. Now she is 6 months pregnant and the bump is getting bigger :)
2014-11-01 -
2014-11-01 - "4 Months Pregnant"
A couple of years ago I did this small project with a lovely art model called Ursulla, shooting her several times during her pregnancy. The shoots weren't done…