Sharin Manni

Sharin contacted me for a shoot, as another italian alternative model. When she arrived she was very alternative - she had no tattoos at all! She was stunning and very stylish, I'd love to see her again.
2019-02-10 -
2019-02-10 - "A Bit Difficult"
We had a bit of a problem with this outfit - we couldn't get it done up at the back. The front looked so good that we used it anyway :)
2018-10-07 -
2018-10-07 - "She Forgot These"
I have quite a collection of stuff model's have left behind, mostly underwear. Sharin kindly added to the collection by forgetting this set!
2018-04-08 -
2018-04-08 - "Fingers"
Quite a lot of closeups of Sharin's hands in this set!
2018-02-18 -
2018-02-18 - "Just Gold"
Sharin showed me the necklace when she arrived, and said it look great on its own. So here she is, naked but for the necklace!
2017-12-24 -
2017-12-24 - "It's Nigerian"
If you are wondering where the name Sharin comes from, she told me while we were shooting this set - it's Nigerian.