Scarlet Louise

Scarlet, AKA Stacey Robinson, is a very slim and sexy mature model! I hope she will become a regular, staying with me while visiting London.
2019-12-08 -
2019-12-08 - "Scarlet On Red"
Scarlet on a red background... I got a nice glow in this set too :)
2017-12-31 -
2017-12-31 - "Mannheim Afternoon"
When & where we shot it!
2017-09-10 -
2017-09-10 - "Fade To White"
Here's a very pale set of Scarlet, but there is still a certain redness in her hair :)
2016-10-20 -
2016-10-20 - "Pale"
The set is pale, not Scarlet! In fact it is almost completely white...
2016-04-24 -
2016-04-24 - "Window"
Or "How to nearly get arrested on a photo shoot". Scarlet leant a little too far out of the window and the gardener got offended. Given the german penchant for…