Royal, aka Royal Patat, is another of my collection of Italian alternative models. They do have such classically beautiful faces :) Royal has particularly nice tattoos too.

2018-02-01 -
2018-02-01 - "Borrowed Jacket"
The jacket belongs to Red Snow, but I through it would suit Royal. It does :)
2017-11-26 -
2017-11-26 - "Pink Things"
Everything looks really pink in this set, but actually it's the light :) The hair is red and the clothes are white...
2017-10-08 -
2017-10-08 - "Goodbye"
This was the last set we shot... I had some fun with it! A very elegant look I think...
2017-07-20 -
2017-07-20 - "Squeeze Play"
I tried putting two models on the one chair this time. It looks great, but they are squeezed close together!
2017-05-14 -
2017-05-14 - "New Spot"
You might think by now I'd have taken pictures everywhere in my house. Well no - here's a new spot, outside the bathroom with Red Snow & Royal!
2017-03-05 -
2017-03-05 - "Disturbingly Close"
This is a really cool pastel looking close-up set of Red Snow & Royal. All deliberate!
2017-02-26 -
2017-02-26 - "Punky Strip"
The girls strip out of some punky T-shirts I lent them :) They do look rather cool!
2016-12-11 -
2016-12-11 - "Introduction"
Well, we already know Red Snow, but here she is with a new model Royal... and Red Snow looks so different to our first shoot that I didn't recognise her!
2016-10-02 -
2016-10-02 - "I'll Drop The Potato"
Royal often uses the aka "Royal Potato", which I think probably sounds better in Italian. I'll drop the potato!