Rosa, aka Bloody Rose or Rubi Rawr or Asiri, is an absolutely stunning Peruvian model who I met when passing through Lima. I needed someone to shoot in the amazing apartment I had rented, and she was just perfect for it. We have shot many times since :)
2021-08-29 -
2021-08-29 - "Squeeze Through The Door"
No, Rosa didn't have to squeeze through the door. Just the chair! I had to turn it to all angles to get it onto the terrace :) And back.
2021-06-27 -
2021-06-27 - "Rustic"
This was the sort of furniture in most of the apartment. It looks great but isn't that comfortable. There's a little lighting trick in here too, but I'm not…
2021-05-02 -
2021-05-02 - "Nudes Behind"
These nudes are actually on airbnb! It required some rather rich colours for the look to be right, and that's what we found.
2021-03-21 -
2021-03-21 - "Spangly Thing"
Another "Off and on" set, as I liked Rosa's outfit so much I had her put it back on again at the end :)
2021-03-07 -
2021-03-07 - "By The Pool"
We got access to this hotel to shoot around their pool. The pictures were for ArtGirls, but I'm using them here too :)
2021-01-24 -
2021-01-24 - "On The Sand"
By now the costumes have gone, the sun is going, and we have quite an audience!
2020-12-27 -
2020-12-27 - "Brighten Up"
I had some lighting issues at this time as the sun was very bright and I didn't have a reflector available. We shot in the shade and I boomed it up in photoshop…
2020-11-08 -
2020-11-08 - "Kind Of Purple"
This set looked quite purple in real life, but now it looks more black... never mind!
2020-10-18 -
2020-10-18 - "Sun Glow"
More pool pics with the cool costumes :)
2020-09-27 - Video:
2020-09-27 - Video: "Posing In The Water"
A bit of a behind the scenes video here as the girls pose for Rosa's husband. He's a photographer too :)
2020-08-16 -
2020-08-16 - "Marshy Spot"
It took us quite a while to find a safe location to shoot. This one was a bit marshy, and about 3 miles down a bumpy track.
2020-07-19 -
2020-07-19 - "Car Rental"
I'm not sure we were supposed to do this with the rental car, but so what :)