Robyn Brooke

Robyn is a stunning redhead from somewhere up north... but she's planning on spending a lot of time in London, so we should be seeing much more of her!
2020-01-26 -
2020-01-26 - "Red Overload"
A lot of red in this one, especially when I beefed up the colour in the background :)
2019-09-01 -
2019-09-01 - "All Purple"
When going through Robyn's clothes, the purple top sort of jumped out at me, and we found a matching pair of pants to start with.
2019-08-04 -
2019-08-04 - "Only White"
An almost entirely white set with Robyn - apart, that is, from her hair.
2019-02-24 -
2019-02-24 - "Red And Blue"
Here's a loud combination of red hair and blue lingerie :)
2018-12-13 -
2018-12-13 - "Cool Corner"
A rarely used corner of my house - it's rather difficult to light - but I decided to try Robyn here :)
2018-08-30 -
2018-08-30 - "Misty Blue"
Here's a mystical hippy set! Don't you just love the colours? Not an easy effect to produce!
2018-07-08 -
2018-07-08 - "Her Favourite Dress"
That's what she said! A very unusual colour, bizarrely similar to my wall :)
2018-06-03 -
2018-06-03 - "Porcelain Doll"
When I finished processing this set I thought Robyn looked delightful, like she was made of porcelain.
2018-05-03 -
2018-05-03 - "Baggy Pants"
Body image... Robyn wants to have a bigger bottom, no idea why. Anyway, she thought these pants were a bit baggy... I didn't see the problem!
2018-04-01 -
2018-04-01 - "Leotard"
We've been through the whole leotard thing before. Robyn does call is a leotard. A very formal look to this one :)
2018-01-04 -
2018-01-04 - "Jeans And Jumper Look"
Yes, you know I love the jeans thing... I also love the jumper thing... so here they are together with Robyn!
2017-10-19 -
2017-10-19 - "My Yellow Thing"
This yellow net thingy is something I bought recently in Celje (I got a pink one too). I thought it suited Robyn perfectly.