Medusa is another from my production line of Italian alternative models :) We had a difficult shoot as my camera broke, so I hope I get to do it again.
2019-05-12 -
2019-05-12 - "Black And Purple"
Just for a change, we made the colours the girls were wearing clash :)
2019-03-28 -
2019-03-28 - "Lots Of Tattoos"
Rana had got even more tattoos since I last saw her, and Medusa clearly has plenty :)
2018-12-20 -
2018-12-20 - "Final Set"
This was the last set of a stressful shoot while I was worrying about my broken camera!
2018-12-20 -
2018-12-20 - "Bonus: And Then It Broke"
The most expensive set I ever shot! The camera made a slightly odd noise (when you spent as long as I have 2 inches from it, you get very sensitive to the…
2018-11-04 -
2018-11-04 - "Contrasting Pastels"
The girls tattoos a very harsh, so I made this one very faint and pastel coloured for a change.
2018-10-11 -
2018-10-11 - "In Black"
A full set of black for Medusa - I get the feeling this is normal for her :)