Lottii Rose

Lottii is a love bright busty girl, who lives a long way out in the sticks... It took about a year from our first contact to actually get to shoot. I hope we manage again sooner!

2018-12-09 - Lottii Rose in
2018-12-09 - Lottii Rose in "First Dress Out Of The Case"
Lottii came with a lot of costumes, but this was the first dress out of the case :)
2018-03-18 -
2018-03-18 - "Soft And Fuzzy"
Taking depth of field to the extreme (f1.7 in this case, if you happen to care!), but you do have to get the focus on the eyes perfect. It makes Lottii pop out…
2017-12-03 -
2017-12-03 - "See Through White"
Lottii isn't wearing a lot at the start of the set, and you can pretty much see through it. Of course, by the end, it's all gone :)
2017-08-06 - Lottii Rose in
2017-08-06 - Lottii Rose in "Amazing Yellow"
This is a rather forthright & bold sort of set... a terrific yellow outfit of Lottii's, and a spot of the Keelers at the end :)