Lena Love

Busty, pretty and fun czech model Lena was quite a surprise when she turned up at the studio in Prague! We only had time for a brief shoot for this site. Lets hope we can do it again :)
2020-12-27 - Video:
2020-12-27 - Video: "Lena On Stage"
Here's a surprise! A video I shot of Lena on stage in Brussels in 2015. I found it while looking for some other stuff. The camera isn't great, but it is…
2020-06-07 -
2020-06-07 - "Blondes Entwined"
You don't often get two blondes as beautiful as this, entwined together like this. Aren't I lucky!
2020-01-19 - Video:
2020-01-19 - Video: "Rolling Around"
We just had a little break in the shoot, and I ran the video camera while Lena rolled around.
2019-06-09 -
2019-06-09 - "On The Sofa"
Lena strips for us on the sofa, in (for her) a very restrained manner :)
2018-09-13 -
2018-09-13 - "Happy Day"
A very bright happy set from Lena :)