Laura Noir

Laura is a very different model for me. Mostly she does weird horror stuff with fake blood and fetish things :) Not my scene really! So, here she is being much more artistic for us :)
2018-02-04 -
2018-02-04 - "Upside Down"
Laura is only upside down for part of the set, but I particularly liked that bit :) The whole effect is very different to normal.
2018-01-11 -
2018-01-11 - "Hallway"
Laura gets all moody in the hallway (or maybe she was all moody ;))
2017-09-03 -
2017-09-03 - "Bath Time"
Laura in the bath :) Isn't her figure magnificent?
2017-07-09 -
2017-07-09 - "Shower Time"
Laura has a shower at the end of our shoot. Look, I know it is partly the way I shot it (deliberately!), but I really don't know of any girl as slim as Laura…
2017-04-23 -
2017-04-23 - "Home Made Stockings"
Ingredients: 1 pair of tights, 1 pair of scissors :) They do suit Laura's look, don't they?
2016-09-22 -
2016-09-22 - "First Time In My Studio"
I'd shot Laura quite a lot, but we'd mostly done more naturalistic looking stuff. This time was the first time we shot in my studio, on the red background.
2016-08-25 -
2016-08-25 - "Chair Strip"
I used this chair the first time Laura visited. Her hair was very different then :) I loved that set, so ... Let's do it again!
2016-07-10 -
2016-07-10 - "All Legs"
Laura has a stunning body, as you can see. Here we decided to concentrate on her legs :)
2016-06-05 -
2016-06-05 - "Standing Close"
I'm not sure why, but Laura seems very close in this set :) A very simple one, just removing her bikini, but it does seem a little edgy :)
2016-04-14 -
2016-04-14 - "Reading Bizarre"
I miss the old Bizarre magazine, I really do. There is a big pile of them in my house, they were my daughter's. Laura & Mystique enjoyed reading them, for a…
2016-02-25 -
2016-02-25 - "She's Got More Studs Than Me"
That's what Laura said when I showed her this shirt! She looks great in it though :)
2016-01-17 -
2016-01-17 - "Moody"
This is Laura doing a little acting, looking a little moody :)