Koneko is a very pretty polish glamour model who is living quite close to me. We had a very short notice shoot, without my normal equipment, but got some great results as she looks so good. I'll try again some time!
2021-03-14 -
2021-03-14 - "Very Pink"
This background was a very loud pink. By the time I'd finished it was even more so :)
2020-06-14 -
2020-06-14 - "Against The Wall"
We moved everything around and shot against the wall for this set. To be honest the colours came out horrible... I used an old fashioned effect called "cross…
2020-03-01 -
2020-03-01 - "Move The Furniture"
As Koneko had been standing for the whole shoot, so I decided to move the furniture around for the last set so she could sit on the sofa. There's a bit of a…
2020-02-02 -
2020-02-02 - "Plenty Of Denim"
Yes, denim jacket and jeans. Why wear more?
2020-01-05 -
2020-01-05 - "It's A Bikini"
Koneko had huge drawers in her room with loads f tightly packed lingerie. When I picked this set out she said "It's a bikini". Like I'm going to worry!
2019-12-01 -
2019-12-01 - "Painting"
Somehow these pictures look more like paintings. I nearly added the dreaded "oil painting" photoshop filter, but decided it was enough as it was :)
2019-11-10 -
2019-11-10 - "Introducing Koneko"
Our introduction to Koneko :) She had these backgrounds, but they are rather small so she can't move much!