Karlie Simon

Karlie is a proper old-time porn star. You name it, she's done it. I have known her for a number of years. Every so often she comes around and we have a little fun shoot.
2021-06-13 - Video:
2021-06-13 - Video: "Topless Tease"
While looking through the vaults I found a couple of little movies I shot with Kayla & Karlie for Kayla's onlyfans ages ago. They were saved in an odd format,…
2015-10-11 -
2015-10-11 - "Bright And Soft"
A lovely bright and soft looking set of Karlie & Kayla on my bed. I'll be honest, this set wasn't shot for this site, and some of the images are pushing the…
2015-06-28 -
2015-06-28 - "She Does Glamour Too"
Karlie is a real pornstar, but she does glamour too, if you ask nicely :) I did, on a lazy Sunday morning before we went to lunch.
2015-05-21 -
2015-05-21 - "I Forgot It"
This was a bit of an experimental set I shot with Karlie at her place before we went out for Sunday lunch :) Like everyone else, she loved the amazing strappy…