Jessica Y

Jessica (aka Lexie Love) has an extraordinary look, and seems to be an all-round party girl. She's been on my list for a while, and we finally got it together... I don't think for the last time!
2021-04-11 - Video:
2021-04-11 - Video: "Remove The Bikini"
This was actually a trial with a different camera (which I didn't keep), so it looks a bit weird. I decided to publish it anyway as, you know, it looks a bit…
2021-01-10 -
2021-01-10 - "White Stool"
Jessica came back! For here, briefly. Just the one set :)
2020-05-03 -
2020-05-03 - "White Out"
OK. I may have gone over the top processing this set. It seemed a goot idea at the time. You can still just about see Jessica!
2019-12-15 -
2019-12-15 - "Close And Naked"
A common theme, but in a new living room!
2019-11-03 -
2019-11-03 - "Complicated Red Thing"
It took Jessica ages to get this thing on, it kept getting twisted. It seemed sensible to keep it on for most of the set :)
2019-08-11 -
2019-08-11 - "Red Top"
The "hat" is a little bizarre :) I think it is called a fascinator. It doesn't hide anything, so Jessica kept it on...
2019-06-30 -
2019-06-30 - "Hello Jessica"
The first set with Jessica, being rather stone-faced for us :)