Jasmine Lola

Jasmine is an extraordinary model who I shot a long time ago for another site. I recently found a few sets of her, and they are suitable for artcore's cafe - so here they are :) A few pictures have been published elsewhere in a different form, but they are mostly new.
2019-01-06 -
2019-01-06 - "Reflections"
Some more bright yellow pictures here, with some nice reflections of Jasmine :)
2018-09-27 -
2018-09-27 - "Naked Introduction"
This was the first set I shot with Jasmine. She was so gorgeous I had her naked from the start - I couldn't wait to see her that way!
2018-06-21 -
2018-06-21 - "Purple Glamour"
A very lurid purple outfit for Jasmine here :)
2018-04-08 -
2018-04-08 - "From The Vaults"
I found these sets of adorable Jasmine recently, they were shot well before I started the site. So, here she is, from the vaults :)