Helen Diaz

Helen is a very well known art nude model. I think normally rather more arty and complicated than I shot her! But hey ho, we'll do it again :)
2021-07-04 -
2021-07-04 - "Blazing Blue"
There was a problem with the lights shooting this set (it took a while for the studio owner to realise what was going on). I had to get a little wild with…
2021-05-16 -
2021-05-16 - "All Dark"
Everything came out dark in this shoot, there was a problem with the lights. I just made it all moody!
2020-11-22 -
2020-11-22 - "Shocking"
It wasn't really this bright a background! I do love a shocking pink though :)
2020-10-18 -
2020-10-18 - "Red Shout"
I really made the red jump out here. It seemed necessary :)
2020-09-27 -
2020-09-27 - "Japanese Corner"
There was this little room in the side of the studio with kind of japanese decor. There was only room for one light, which made things a little limiting, so we…
2020-08-23 -
2020-08-23 - "Deeply Pink"
The bright pink ended up a deep pink because of the light. Oh well :)
2020-07-19 -
2020-07-19 - "Furry Thing"
I doubt it was real fur! Some sort of jacket, I suppose.
2020-06-28 -
2020-06-28 - "Jeans, Of Course"
Of course I was going to get Helen topless in jeans!
2020-05-31 -
2020-05-31 - "All Black"
All black clothes here :) In fact, pretty much the only colour is that bizarre mouth in the picture on the wall!
2020-04-05 -
2020-04-05 - "Look Left"
This was our first set. I asked Helen half way through if she always looks left - she said she nearly always does!
2020-03-22 -
2020-03-22 - "Cool Chair"
This was quite a difficult colour balance to get :) I loved that chair, I want one for my living room!