Gabriella Elena

Gabriella, aka Gabriella Knight, is a polish Playboy model who is, as they used to say, rather pneumatic. A lovely curvy girl, and a very good model.
2020-10-25 -
2020-10-25 - "Quick Finish"
We had 10 minutes left at the end of the shoot, so we shot an extra set as a quick finish :)
2020-04-05 -
2020-04-05 - "Blue Set"
This looked like an armour plated blue lingerie set. It needs to be to hold Gabriella's boobs :)
2020-03-22 -
2020-03-22 - "Pose With Her Boots On"
I just wanted Gabriella naked in this set, but she came back from touching up her makeup with he boots on. In fact, as I remember, she kept her boots on for the…
2020-01-19 -
2020-01-19 - "Golf Ball Grain"
A bit of an experiment here... I was actually trying to get an even more extreme look, the larger, softer grain. This was a big as I could get! I will try…
2019-12-15 -
2019-12-15 - "Highly Saturated"
This was an odd one. It didn't look good in the camera (I was using a different lens and it looked very washed out), but when I looked at it on the computer I…
2019-11-10 -
2019-11-10 - "With Chair"
I do like a chair or a stool with these kinds of sets. Especially when the background is coloured. This one came from the breakfast bar...
2019-10-20 -
2019-10-20 - "Hello Again"
So here's Gabriella again, this time at the Hacienda studio.
2019-09-22 -
2019-09-22 - "Penthouse Style"
As we were shooting in a swanky penthouse studio, I decided to go for an old fashioned Penhouse style look. It didn't quite happen, but I still love the set.
2019-08-25 -
2019-08-25 - "Off With The Stockings"
At the end of the previous set, Gabriella just had the stockings on. So this one begins with her taking them off :)
2019-07-21 -
2019-07-21 - "Purple Flash"
There's kind of a restrained purple flash in the lingerie here. I hope it matches what I did with the background!
2019-06-30 -
2019-06-30 - "Kind Of Shorts"
I thought this was a dress to start with! It was only when she sat down I realised that they were shorts
2018-11-29 -
2018-11-29 - "Flame Red"
Gabriella's hair is very red here... I promise, I didn't add new red, I increased what was there. She must have had red in her hair to start with :)