Elen Moore

6 feet tall, red hair, legs that go on forever. What's not to love about Elen? She was visiting London for a few days, staying with her friend Mia Sollis, so we had to get it together for a shoot :) And it was so good, we did it again the next day! She has since beome a regular, here, in Prague, and in her home town.

2021-06-20 -
2021-06-20 - "Clubbing Dresses"
Actually, one of the dresses is mine! They definitely look like they're up for a night out!
2020-08-23 -
2020-08-23 - "Faded Glow"
Some quite heavy effects here, jazzing it up a bit :)
2019-07-28 -
2019-07-28 - "All White"
There's a lot of white in this set of Elen :)
2019-06-02 -
2019-06-02 - "This Is It"
An enigmatic title for an enigmatic, grainy set :)
2019-02-24 -
2019-02-24 - "Naked With That"
I wasn't really sure what this was - a shirt or something? Elen said she should just be naked with it, and I think she was right :)
2018-10-07 -
2018-10-07 - "Flying Visit"
This was something of a flying visit from Elen, she had been shooting all day and had to get down to OnlyTease for the night - so we had a very quick shoot…
2018-03-29 -
2018-03-29 - "Lose The Bikini"
Elen starts in a bikini in this set, and then she loses it :) What else did you think would happen?
2017-12-28 -
2017-12-28 - "Shower Scene"
Elen looks awesome in the shower at the end of our shoot in Prague :)
2017-06-29 -
2017-06-29 - "Paler Shade Of White"
Something to do with the light I think, but Elen looks paler than normal in this set. Just as leggy though!
2017-04-16 -
2017-04-16 - "Reintroduction"
It had been a long time since I had seen Elen, at least a year, so here's the first set we shot as a reintroduction :)
2016-06-26 -
2016-06-26 - "Tube Dress"
I love Elen in this dress. Mind you I love her out of it, indeed in anything :)
2016-05-29 -
2016-05-29 - "Greenery"
The lingerie is more turquoise than green, but "turqouisery" probably isn't a word :) Elen looks amazing as she takes it off, either way!