Eleanora Silverman

Eleanora is a very stylish Serbian model (there aren't many Serbian nude models!) who I met in Belgrade recently. She is extremely slim, with surprisingly large boobs :) I hope to see her again.
2020-11-29 -
2020-11-29 - "Putting On The Boots"
This was shot a while ago... to the best of my memory, Eleanora took the boots off during the previous set. This time she puts them on!
2020-05-10 -
2020-05-10 - "Upstairs Variety"
There is a bit of a mashup of costumes in this set... it was shot in a rather cramped mezzanine, and I decided to put the whole lot into 1 set :) Some nice…
2020-03-15 -
2020-03-15 - "My Shirt"
Here's a really harsh grainy set of Eleanora. Sorry it makes the files so big!
2020-01-12 -
2020-01-12 - "Coffee Table"
This one is very stylish :) I really like the effect with the coffee table.
2019-11-24 -
2019-11-24 - "Two Red Jewels"
Hmmm :) You can see where the red jewels are!
2019-06-09 -
2019-06-09 - "Up On The Sofa"
The sofa was enormous, the tv behind a bit irritating from a photographic point of view, but I still let Eleanora clamber all over it.
2019-05-26 -
2019-05-26 - "Purple Face"
"Purple Face" says it all for this piece of art! It matches Eleanora's pants perfectly...
2019-03-07 -
2019-03-07 - "Shower"
Somehow Eleanora looks very different to the normal shower sets... is it because her makeup is running? Or maybe more water? It looks great!
2019-02-28 -
2019-02-28 - "Black Leotard"
At least Eleanora called it a leotard! She looks glorious on this black stool.
2019-01-31 -
2019-01-31 - "Black Set"
Eleanora's nice black set of lingerie :)
2018-12-16 -
2018-12-16 - "My Dress"
This is a Su-sized dress (see the blog!). It shows how slim Eleanora is that she can not only fit into it, it is actually a little loose!
2018-11-29 -
2018-11-29 - "Looking Down"
This set was an unexpected bonus. We had finished everything I had planned and time was up, but Eleanora wanted me to shoot her look down from the top of the…