From her portfolio it looked like Edite was quite an inexperienced art nude model. That couldn't be further from the truth! She walked in full of confidence and looked great. I shot her twice in Riga in my week there, and she will be coming to the UK as soon as we can arrange it.
2021-09-19 -
2021-09-19 - "In The Corner"
I shot a lot on the two parts of the sofa, this is the only set we shot in the corner :)
2021-07-25 - Video:
2021-07-25 - Video: "One Of Those Net Things"
You can often buy these things in packets at erotic fairs. I don't know where Edite got it from, very possibly the erotic fair in Riga :)
2021-06-20 -
2021-06-20 - "Perforated Dress"
My famous dress with holes! I'm running out of things to call the sets it stars in :)
2021-05-23 -
2021-05-23 - "Lurid Colour Scheme"
Yes, it does get a little lurid in this set. The red is ridiculous!
2021-04-04 - Video:
2021-04-04 - Video: "Brief Briefs"
This lingerie is very brief, not a thong, but still very brief :)
2021-03-21 -
2021-03-21 - "B"
A short title, what it says on the shirt :)
2021-02-07 -
2021-02-07 - "Mind The Gap"
I've had these pants for years, but I thing it has been about 10 years since they've been used! Anyway, mind the gap :)
2021-01-31 - Video:
2021-01-31 - Video: "Mind The Gap Movie"
That's what it says on the pants!
2020-11-15 - Video:
2020-11-15 - Video: "Keep The Suspenders"
Edite put the pants on "stripper style", over the suspenders, so she could keep them on :)
2020-10-25 - Video:
2020-10-25 - Video: "Dress With Holes"
Yes, my holey dress. You can't put anything under it as the straps would make a mess - but then who would want to?
2020-09-27 -
2020-09-27 - "Brief Outfit For An Intro"
Normally I start a shoot with a set from a full set of clothes. Given that Edite marched in and took her clothes off that seemed a bit pointless! So, just…