Diamond Sparkle

Diamond is a surprisingly busty art nude model who leave quite near me. It took us a while to get it together, but in the end we did!
2019-09-08 -
2019-09-08 - "Topless In Jeans"
You know I love a topless girl in jeans :) This time, I even called the set "Topless In Jeans" :)
2019-02-03 -
2019-02-03 - "Close To Diamond"
I get a lot of girls to do this - Diamond does it well :)
2018-03-25 -
2018-03-25 - "In The Window"
A common location, with a bit of a twist in the look for Diamond :)
2017-11-12 -
2017-11-12 - "Introducing Diamond"
Diamond's introductory set. The dress certainly shows off her boobies!
2017-10-15 -
2017-10-15 - "In Bed"
Here's Diamond in bed, with some of the old balancing on the bed looking down shots!
2017-09-17 -
2017-09-17 - "Against The Wall"
This is how Diamond likes to pose! An elegant set with some interesting lighting. Oh, and the front image is kind of an homage to one of the pictures on my wall…