Davina contacted me out of blue - she's Agneska's sister! Just visiting London once, but she had to come and see me :)
2019-06-23 -
2019-06-23 - "Goodbye Davina"
The last set I shot with Davina - at least for now - and she is on my sofa.
2019-03-10 -
2019-03-10 - "Black Lingerie Set"
I really like the colours we got in this set :) Davina & some cool lingerie.
2019-02-10 -
2019-02-10 - "This Is A Dress"
Seriously, this is quite a dress. Not that it hides a lot!
2018-11-25 -
2018-11-25 - "We'll Shoot There Later"
While shooting on the sofa, Davina asked if we could move it and shoot against the wall. I said we could shoot there later - so I wouldn't have to move the sofa…
2018-08-05 -
2018-08-05 - "From The Other Side"
I often shoot here, always from the right hand side - as you can see from the start of the set. On the spur of the moment I went onto the other side so I could…
2018-07-01 -
2018-07-01 - "The White Stuff"
I was inspired to do some fairly serious processing on this set, and ended up with a rather punning title for it :) Something a bit different.
2018-06-03 -
2018-06-03 - "A Bit Too Close"
I love shooting in my bedroom with my 50mm Sonnar lens, but the room is a little small, particularly with a tall model like Davina. I always end up pressed…
2018-05-10 -
2018-05-10 - "Pink Calvins"
A lot of girls are turning up with Calvin Klein underwear at the moment. It always looks good, but Davina's is spectacular :)
2018-04-19 -
2018-04-19 - "Lots Of Black"
Here's Davina in an entirely black ensemble... and rather a small ensemble!
2018-03-04 -
2018-03-04 - "Sophisticated Pants"
OK. So most guys, given a choice of lingerie, will automatically choose the briefest. One look at these pants though should disabuse you of that!
2018-02-01 -
2018-02-01 - "Art Deco"
I'm a huge fan of art deco architecture & furniture, but this seems to me to be an art deco swimsuit :)
2018-01-18 -
2018-01-18 - "Lady In Red"
This was a very cool dress of Davina's, isn't she elegant?