Clementine Poulain

Clementine is yet another of my tattooed alternative models from Italy (I have a factory just outside Naples). She's also a performer. I saw her in London recently, and we are meeting up in Turin for a show there soon.
2021-06-06 -
2021-06-06 - "Just Black Stockings"
No need to remove anything when all you have to start with are your stockings!
2020-12-27 -
2020-12-27 - "Tightly Framed"
A very close shoot with Clementine here, all sort of fuzzy.
2018-01-28 -
2018-01-28 - "See Through To Black"
A black negligee & black underwear for Clementine in this set :)
2017-12-14 -
2017-12-14 - "Well, She Is Staying"
Clem had to stay with me as her original accommodation fell through at the last moment... so it seemed reasonable to let her have a bath. It was a little deep…
2017-08-24 -
2017-08-24 - "Black And Red"
A nice colour combination for Clementine in this set
2017-06-01 -
2017-06-01 - "A Little Flowery"
Here's a rather flowery little piece of lingerie. Not quite sure what it's called! Clem does look nice in it :)
2017-03-19 -
2017-03-19 - "Evening Wear"
I love what Clementine does with her stockings in this set :) She looks really cute all the way through.
2016-11-17 -
2016-11-17 - "Super Sexy Shorts"
Clementine shorts are ridiculous! Pretty much the ultimate set of Daisy Dukes. Not only are they incredibly short, they look like they've been spray painted on.…
2016-10-16 -
2016-10-16 - "Introducing Clementine"
An nice introduction to our new alternative model friend, Clementine Poulain.