Casey Smith

Casey is an ex fashion model who realised she could earn a better living doing nude modelling, and she could eat properly too! She has wonderful poses, is great company, and I'll have to see her again when she next visits London.
2022-06-05 -
2022-06-05 - "Exceptional Swimsuit"
This swimsuit really is spectacular, although it is a bit tight. Even for Casey :)
2021-09-26 -
2021-09-26 - "Matching Pants And Shoes"
The lingerie colour is rather strange. I have no idea where Casey managed to get matching shoes from!
2021-03-28 -
2021-03-28 - "Moody Colours"
We managed to make the bright blue lingerie look moody!
2020-10-25 -
2020-10-25 - "Furry Pink Top"
Another dark set. I do love a short furry jumper :)
2020-03-08 -
2020-03-08 - "Corner Chair"
There was some odd furniture in the room - apparently the owner was a big fan of Freecycle. I had to take advantage of the chair!
2019-05-19 -
2019-05-19 - "Heavy Thing"
Casey warned me when we set up this background that when you start to unroll it, it tends to run amok. The thing was made of very heavy plastic, and once…
2019-04-07 -
2019-04-07 - "A Small Side"
This odd coloured area was on the edge of the room. We had to use it, even though it was rather cramped :)
2018-12-02 -
2018-12-02 - "Massively Complicated"
The suspender belt her is extremely complicated. It has a lot more than the normal number of attachments, and in consequence took a long time to get on. I made…
2018-11-04 -
2018-11-04 - "Fluffy Top"
It was quite an effort to get the lighting right here :) I think it worked, and Casey's top suits it perfectly.
2018-08-19 -
2018-08-19 - "How Athletic"
Casey looks amazingly athletic in this outfit. Although it is some sort of leotard I'm not sure you could wear it down the local leisure centre!
2018-07-26 -
2018-07-26 - "Like Monroe"
When she put this on, Casey said it looked like the sort of think Marilyn Monroe wore. I know what she meant, it's a very famous picture which I had on my wall…
2018-06-07 -
2018-06-07 - "Outrageously Tight Suit"
Obviously Casey is incredibly slim. This swimsuit was so tight even she could hardly get into it. God knows who it was bought for! It looks great though :)