Carla Cox

Carla is probably the best know person around here, a stunning model pornstar. She doesn't model so much these days, but thanks to our mutual friendship with Karlie, she did model with me, and I hope she does again!
2020-12-13 -
2020-12-13 - "Black Lingerie"
A nice smoochy set of the girls in black lingerie, particularly Carla's tights :)
2020-09-13 -
2020-09-13 - "Tongues Going Down"
There seems to be a lot of tongues going on in this set. Mostly on nipples :)
2020-06-07 "Blondes Entwined"
You don't often get two blondes as beautiful as this, entwined together like this. Aren't I lucky!
2015-11-28 -
2015-11-28 - "Glamour Girl"
A simple introductory set of the stunning Carla Cox. You can see why she's so famous!