Anna Amy

Amy has a very cool look, a nice figure, and lives at the seaside! That was easily enough for me to drive a long way to shoot her, and I will do it again.
2020-05-31 -
2020-05-31 - "One Black"
Just a simple one piece black thing for Anna here...
2020-02-16 -
2020-02-16 - "Shiny Trousers"
I'm not sure what these trousers were made of. They weren't plastic, and I'm pretty sure they weren't leather. They were hard to get off though!
2019-10-13 -
2019-10-13 - "Red Set"
This is a very smart set of res lingerie, which really suits Anna. Nice stockings too!
2019-09-22 -
2019-09-22 - "Peel Me A Grape"
I blanked on the name of this piece of furniture (it happens when you get to my age), and for some reason said "Peel Me A Grape"... By the way, it's a Chaise…
2019-08-11 -
2019-08-11 - "Sun Glint"
We started the shoot with Amy in the window, which caused a lot of light to bounce around :)