Amelie Dot

Amelie is an alternative Latvian model, a friend of Kittie. She was on my list for ages, both times I visited Riga she was travelling. She came to London and short notice, so we had a quick shoot even though my main camera was away being repaired. I hope we will do it again, and take more time, with a better camera next time!
2021-05-30 -
2021-05-30 - "Black Corset"
Quite a chunky black corset. It stayed on for most of the set, it was hard to get on and off!
2021-02-28 -
2021-02-28 - "No Costume"
No costume at all in this set, Amelie is naked right through.
2021-01-03 -
2021-01-03 - "Cartoon Leggings"
It isn't immediately obvious in the photos, but these leggings are some sort of cartoon character things :)
2020-07-12 -
2020-07-12 - "Glowing Red"
The red came up a lot in this set. As did Amelie's nipples!
2020-05-03 -
2020-05-03 - "Around The Garden"
It was the middle of the heatwave (it broke spectacularly a few days later), so we spent some time in the garden. I don't normally shoot out there at the…
2020-04-05 -
2020-04-05 - "White Tights"
Odd colouring on this one :) The tights are white, but everything else is weird!
2020-01-05 -
2020-01-05 - "Black And Red"
Here's a simple set with Amelie, with some of her lingerie and her red hair :)
2019-12-01 -
2019-12-01 - "Red Shock"
Her hair looks really bright this time!
2019-10-27 -
2019-10-27 - "Hard Nipples"
I had a plan to shot outside, with it was a little public for Amelie. However, it was rather cold, so she wanted to try with the sheer black top so we could see…
2019-09-01 -
2019-09-01 - "Welcome To The Dungeon"
Amelie lives just around the corner from the dungeon, but she had never been there before. Welcome!
2019-08-11 -
2019-08-11 - "My Only Shorts"
These are Amelie's only shorts... she doesn't like wearing them normally. She had a lot lying around, rarely used, and threw all the other out.
2019-05-19 -
2019-05-19 - "Wander Around Naked"
Amelie arrived as I was shooting the last set with Kittie, so she went into another room to sort her stuff out. 2 minutes later she wanted past me, naked! Now,…