Alla is a nice new Russian MILF for us. We had a rather confusing shoot as she has absolutely no english, and, while I am more of a linguist than most, I have no russian. We managed, and have quite a lot of material :)
2022-03-13 - Video:
2022-03-13 - Video: "Red Teddy"
A nice jumpy film here, with yet more red lace :)
2022-01-30 - Video:
2022-01-30 - Video: "Plenty Of Jewelry"
Alla had a lot of costume jewelry during the shoot, but particularly in this movie :)
2021-12-12 -
2021-12-12 - "Brilliant Blue"
The dress is very loud indeed, at least for a blue :)
2021-03-14 -
2021-03-14 - "Hello Alla"
Our introduction to Alla, with her jeans, jacket, and nothing else :)