Aimee is a delightful and very tattooed model who lives quite near me. She came at very short notice. Sadly she has moved away, but I've still managed to see her again :)
2024-03-03 -
2024-03-03 - "A Lot More Tattoos"
With alternative models, it's always a game to see if they have more tattoos on the next shoot. Aimee certainly did :)
2023-10-15 -
2023-10-15 - "Complicated Stuff"
There is a lot going on here, I hope it's not too hard on the eyes! I don't think I've ever done a set with such a complex background, outfit, and tattoos!
2022-08-07 -
2022-08-07 - "Purple Hair"
Yes, Aimee always has purple hair. This time I decided to point it out!
2022-06-26 -
2022-06-26 - "Big Black"
Quite a big chunky set of lingerie here, not exactly dainty!
2022-02-06 -
2022-02-06 - "Massed Reflections"
Some of the reflections are well over the top in this one. It was supposed to be a prism causing it, but it was about 50 prisms in one :)
2021-10-03 -
2021-10-03 - "Cover The Boobs"
I guess you could just a bout go out with this jumper, but you'd probably need something under it :)
2021-08-15 -
2021-08-15 - "Kinky Hat"
This kinky hat was in a dark corner of the studio, I'm not sure where the matching dress came from :)
2021-07-11 -
2021-07-11 - "Lurid Corner"
This corner is supposed to be reminiscent of the 70s - it actually looks remarkably like our family bathroom from the era. By today's standards it is just…
2021-06-27 -
2021-06-27 - "Wildly Harsh"
Another spot of over-the-top photoshopping!
2021-05-02 -
2021-05-02 - "Leather And Lace"
I'm not sure whether it is normal to wear lacy lingerie with a big leather jacket and boots, but I like it!
2021-04-04 -
2021-04-04 - "Dark Torn Jeans"
I always like torn jeans as you know, Aimee's were very dark, almost but not quite black.
2021-02-14 -
2021-02-14 - "Special Effects"
The special effects are nothing to do with photoshop, they are done with a prism in front of the camera. Very difficult with a camera that isn't an SLR, but I…